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We have been gathering together all of the top questions asked by young people who have used MiLife Blue in their school so far and have put them to our youth mental health specialists...

Check out this video to see if your top questions about mental health have been answered!

These past couple of years have been really hard for lots of us.

MiLife Blue is all about giving you the tools you need to not just survive but thrive in the 'new normal'. Your school should be working through lots of Milife Blue with you, but here's a whole collection of videos for you packed with practical ideas and activities you can try out yourself and every single one is designed to help build your emotional resilience and wellbeing.


Need more than a video or need to talk to someone right now? Then click here... 

And here's a couple of extra really great home creativity projects you might also like to try that could give you a great thing to focus on if you're feeling stressed out...

Clutch Bag

Raw Edge Bleach Design T-Shirt

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MiLife C19 is a partnership project serving young people in Epping Forest, Essex

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