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The milife project was initiated by the Epping Forest Youth Council after a conference they led for local young people found that mental health was one of the greatest concerns amongst young people in the district. After EFYC carried out a great deal of research and planning, they received a substantial grant from Epping Forest District Council to put together a program that would support and resource young people across the district to better understand a manage their own emotional wellbeing and also know where they could go for more help.


EFYC invited the Red Balloon Family Foundation, a local charity which supports a wide variety of children's, youth and families projects along with NELFT, the NHS emotional wellbeing and mental health service (EWMHS) provider in this part of Essex, to work with them to create the miLife roadshow to visit all seven schools as well as producing a number of associated resources including this website. The partnership was joined from 2016-18 by Essex Youth Service who made additional resources available to the project through a commission from the Epping Forest Youth Strategy Group.


If you would like to contact someone to discuss the project, please email in the first instance.

RBF and EFDC under guidance from NELFT have also developed a four session PSHE resource which can be used in schools which is available to download for free to any educational establishment and/or recognised youthwork/informal education setting. You can access it by clicking here. If you have any issues with the download link, please contact directly. 


CAMHS and the Cambridgeshire NHS Trust have developed this website that offers Online Courses (eCademy) to help you be aware of the Mental Health of your pupils/youth, and know how to handle these issues sensitively and appropriately.


The NHS have put together this page about how we can talk to young children about their feelings and start to look after their Mental Health in their key times of growth.

SELFHARM.CO.UK run courses all around the UK to help teachers and youth workers find out more about Self Harm, and how to support young people affected by Self Harm, as well as supporting you in developing a Self Harm policy for your organisation.

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