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What is a MiBox?

How do you make a MiBox?

How to Make a MiBox

What's in your box...?

Create a Virtual MiBox...

We want to find out what strategies for managing your emotional wellbeing work for different people. While a MiBox is filled with individual items, each one will represent a strategy - a pen and paper will represent drawing or writing about how you feel; a bottle of bubble bath will represent taking a long hot soak; a bar of chocolate will represent... eating a bar of chocolate!

Cast your vote on the right to help us understand what helps people the best!

What's in Your Box?
Virtual MiBox

You might not have all the bits you need to make a miBox, so why not create a virtual one here? Click on any number of the items or ideas below you think would help you look after what's going on in your head, fill in your email address and we'll send you a PDF of your miBox as a reminder to use those things as often as you can.

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